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1 x Celebration b/w Overdose, Marius West, ST film Super Markt
1 x BSR ST-8, ST-9, ST-10, ST-11, ST-12, ST-23 Stylus
2 x Audio Technica ATS-VM8-7D; ATS-10 Stylus Replacement
1 x Panasonic EPS-27STSD Stylus Replacement
1 x Le Diable Par La Queue soundtrack 45, Georges Delerue
2 x Audio Technica ATN-3710,-3711 Replacement Stylus
1 x ELAC DNM-100. Replacement Stylus
1 x Dual DN-95, DN-96 stylus replacement.
1 x Antique Vocal Sheet Music: BANDANNA BALLADS, Five Songs for LOW
1 x Audio Technica ATN-3401, SONY, ND-138G, ND-5, ND-7.
1 x Audio Technica ATN-102EP stylus replacement
1 x Electro-Voice 2625, 37, 38, 40-DS Stylus Replacement
1 x ELAC DNM Replacement Stylus
1 x Dual DN-4, 23, 34, 43, 45 stylus replacement.
1 x Just One More Kiss
1 x Gene West In The Ghetto white label promo
1 x Say it with Sables
2 x Audio Technica ATS-VM8; ATS-11 Stylus Replacement
1 x Banners and Bonnets by Meredith Willson
1 x Copper Plates / Harfy Magnum -- Mad River
1 x Cast a Giant Shadow / Love Me True, Elmer Bernstein
1 x Heartbreak Hotel
2 x Audio Technica ATN-3830; Sharp STY-124 stylus replacement.
1 x Audio Technica ATN-120E. DEL - Diamond Linear Contact stylus.
1 x Audio Technica AT-10
1 x Marantz CT-300; Toshiba N-292 Stylus replacement.
1 x MARANTZ CTS551 Stylus Replacement
1 x Electro-Voice 2647, MAGNAVOX 560336-1 Stylus Replacement
1 x Avalon
1 x Aiwa AN-70 Stylus replacement
1 x They're Either Too Young Or Too Old Sheet music
1 x Bloody Mama ST sung by Big Foot, arr/comp Don Randi
1 x Ennio Morricone - Le Train / Orient Express
1 x Audio Technica ATN-3660 Stylus Replacement
1 x Elac SM101 stylus replacement
1 x Panasonic EPS-13, 14, 16. Sharp N-13D Stylus Replacement
1 x Jazz at Storyville playing Indiana / Honeysuckle Rose, Sidney Be
1 x Audio-Technica AT3400
1 x Ennio Morricone - Le Carnaval Des Truands
1 x There's a Rose in Bloom for You
1 x Princeton Cannon Song-March (Sheet music)
1 x Panasonic EPS-25 STSD EPS-25STSD EPS25STSD
1 x Elac Stylus Replacement, Sears 8827
1 x Audio Technica ATN-3830; Sharp STY-124 stylus replacement.
1 x Panasonic EPS-P23CS or EPS-202 Stylus Replacement
1 x The Spanish Coon - May Irwin's New Coon Song (Sheet music)
1 x And Awa a ay We Go! with Jackie Gleason
1 x Smiles
1 x The 3rd Man Theme
1 x Panasonic EPS-24stylus replacement
1 x Songs of New Russia Sheet music
1 x Stylus Audio Technica ATN-3710/-3711. Also: AKAI RS-90. ONKYO DN
1 x Elmer Bernstein - Cast a Giant Shadow/Love Me True
1 x Southern Rose
1 x Chanson de Li/Theme Tran
1 x Henry Mancini - Ravel's Bolero
1 x Le Diable a 4 Heures (The Devil at 4 O'Clock) 45 rpm EP
1 x IBM Rally Song Ever Onward (Sheet Music)
1 x Empire 5603D Replacement cartridge
1 x Good Morning Everybody
1 x Let Me Sing in Echo Valley
1 x Plaything