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1 x Pfanstiehl P-132D Replacement Cartridge
1 x Architectural Digest -- April 1985
1 x Come to Me
1 x Celebration b/w Overdose, Marius West, ST film Super Markt
1 x Pickering D-AC-2, D AT 2, PDO7C, PDO7T Stylus Replacement
2 x Pioneer PN-12, 110, 110/11, 150 Stylus Replacement
1 x Panasonic EPS-13, 14, 16. Sharp N-13D Stylus Replacement
1 x Avalon
1 x Elvis Presley / The Sun Sessiona
1 x RCA phonograph stylus Models 110020/110022
1 x Pfanstiehl P-415D replacement cartridge
1 x Sonotone N26T-SD Replacement Stylus. All speeds.
1 x Norelco Duo-Vue Model PA-2A television wall projector
2 x Pioneer PN-50 stylus replacement
1 x Underground, David Bowie from film Labyrinth
1 x Elvis Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis
1 x Pfanstiehl P-185D Replacement Cartridge
1 x ACOS M-6 stylus replacement
1 x The 3rd Man Theme
1 x Sanyo, Fisher ST-102SD. Used in Sanyo, Fisher MG-102SD.
1 x Southern Rose
1 x Elac SM101 stylus replacement
1 x Grado BCR-S stylus replacement
1 x Le Diable Par La Queue soundtrack 45, Georges Delerue
2 x Pioneer PN-400, PN-600 Stylus replacement.
1 x Pickering D1570-AM-1, 2; D-AM-2
1 x Elvis Presley / His Hand in Mine
1 x Audio Technica ATN-3830; Sharp STY-124 stylus replacement.
1 x Perpetuum-Ebner PE-188 Stylus Replacement
1 x Sonotone N1P-1D Replacement Stylus
1 x Vintage View-Master: Winnie The Pooh and the Honey Tree
1 x ELAC DNM-106 Replacement Stylus.
1 x Pickering D-150, D100 Stylus Replacement
1 x Chanson de Li/Theme Tran
1 x Elac Stylus Replacement, Sears 8827
1 x Panasonic EPS-270 Stylus. Used in Panasonic EPC-270
1 x Banners and Bonnets by Meredith Willson
1 x RCA replacement phono stylus 108215, 108216
1 x Vintage View-Master: The Fox and the Hound
1 x King Creole Original Soundtrack
1 x Pioneer PN-10 stylus replacement
1 x Elvis Presley / That's The Way It Is - Sealed copy
1 x Panasonic EPS-27STSD Stylus Replacement
1 x Pfanstiehl P-1433D Replacement Cartridge
1 x Elvis -- A Canadian Tribute
1 x Sonotone N25T-SD stylus replacement. All speeds.
1 x PIONEER replacement phono stylus Model PN-290T.
1 x Replaces General Electric Stylus, GE 4G-01. 503-D7, 10070175
1 x Panasonic EPS-24stylus replacement
1 x Ortofon F, FF, N & NF stylus replacement
1 x RCA replacement phono stylus Model 115061
1 x Philips 946/D60 Stylus Replacement
1 x ACOS Dual 73-1 stylus replacement
2 x Pioneer PN-291, 301 Stylus replacement.
1 x ELAC DNM-100. Replacement Stylus
1 x Sharp SP100-7D replacement stylus
1 x Wait and See (You'll Want Me Back)
1 x When The Moon Goes Down On Median Lake, I'll Be Going Down On Yo
1 x PHILIPS 330, 331 Stylus Replacement.
1 x Pioneer PN-135, 155 stylus replacement.
1 x Panasonic EPS-P23CS or EPS-202 Stylus Replacement
1 x Replacement stylus Fisher, Sanyo ST-44D