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Pfanstiehl P-1433D Replacement Cartridge Pfanstiehl P-1433D Replacement Cartridge $12.25 Buy Now
Pfanstiehl P-420D Replacement Cartridge Pfanstiehl P-420D Replacement Cartridge $14.25 Buy Now
RCA Replacement transcriber cartridge RCA Replacement transcriber cartridge $14.25 Buy Now
Pfanstiehl P-169 Replacement Cartridge Pfanstiehl P-169 Replacement Cartridge $14.95 Buy Now
Audio-Technica AT3400 Audio-Technica AT3400 $16.00 Buy Now
Pfanstiehl P-415D replacement cartridge Pfanstiehl P-415D replacement cartridge $16.25 Buy Now
Pfanstiehl P-132D Replacement Cartridge Pfanstiehl P-132D Replacement Cartridge $18.25 Buy Now
Empire 5603D Replacement cartridge Empire 5603D Replacement cartridge $22.99 Buy Now
Pfanstiehl P-185D Replacement Cartridge Pfanstiehl P-185D Replacement Cartridge $22.99 Buy Now
Pfanstiehl P-427D Replacement cartridge Pfanstiehl P-427D Replacement cartridge $24.99 Buy Now
Pfanstiehl P-434D Replacement cartridge Pfanstiehl P-434D Replacement cartridge $24.99 Buy Now
Electro-Voice 5528 Cartridge w/ 78 stylus Electro-Voice 5528 Cartridge w/ 78 stylus $27.25 Buy Now

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1 x Pacific Overtures -- Signed by Stephen Sondheim
1 x Elvis -- A Canadian Tribute
1 x Princeton Cannon Song-March (Sheet music)
1 x Pfanstiehl P-434D Replacement cartridge
1 x Lalo Schifrin - Foxtail / That Night (La Volpe)
1 x Hitachi DS-ST40 stylus replacement
1 x The Spanish Coon - May Irwin's New Coon Song (Sheet music)
1 x Pfanstiehl P-185D Replacement Cartridge
1 x Elvis Presley / That's The Way It Is - Sealed copy
1 x The Smiths / Casual
1 x The 3rd Man Theme
1 x BSR ST-8, ST-9, ST-10, ST-11, ST-12, ST-23 Stylus
1 x Marius West - Celebration/Overdose
1 x Bigfoot - Bloody Mama/Vacation for Fiddles
1 x Ennio Morricone / La Tragedia Di Un Uomo Ridicolo LP
1 x Audio-Technica AT3400
1 x Elvis' Gold Records, Volume 4
1 x Pfanstiehl P-415D replacement cartridge
1 x You're A Sweetheart (sheet music)
1 x TENOREL N-2001 Stylus Replacement
2 x Ennio Morricone - Le Train / Orient Express
1 x A Stephen Sondheim Evening -- Signed by Stephen Sondheim
1 x Elvis Presley - Good Rockin' Tonight / I Don't Care If the Sun D
1 x Antique Vocal Sheet Music: BANDANNA BALLADS, Five Songs for LOW
1 x PIEZO ST7, VACO Replacement Stylus
1 x Queen - Flash's Theme/Football Fight
1 x Electro-Voice 5528 Cartridge w/ 78 stylus
1 x Heartbreak Hotel
1 x Elvis Presley / Elvis
1 x Pfanstiehl P-420D Replacement Cartridge
1 x Excell S-70-SR Replacement stylus
1 x Booker Ervin / The Blues Book
1 x Vladimir Cosma - La Derobade / Manege St. Louis
1 x Elvis Presley / Pure Gold
1 x BSR ST-3/ST4/ST5/ST9 Stylus Replacement
1 x Henry Mancini - Ravel's Bolero
1 x Bernward B√ľker - Wilde Abenteuer/wie Romeo
1 x Ennio Morricone / When Man is the Prey LP
1 x Ennio Morricone / Chamber Music LP
1 x Elvis Presley / His Hand in Mine
1 x RCA Replacement transcriber cartridge
1 x Pfanstiehl P-427D Replacement cartridge
1 x Merrily We Roll Along -- Signed by Stephen Sondheim
1 x Elvis Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis
1 x Acutex 310 II E; Hitachi ST-103 Stylus Replacement
1 x Songs of New Russia Sheet music
1 x Trio N-39 N39 Stylus Replacement
1 x Ennio Morricone - Le Carnaval Des Truands
1 x Pfanstiehl P-132D Replacement Cartridge
1 x Grado BCR-S stylus replacement
1 x IBM Rally Song Ever Onward (Sheet Music)
1 x Le Diable a 4 Heures (The Devil at 4 O'Clock) 45 rpm EP
1 x Empire 5603D Replacement cartridge
1 x The Complete Verve Recordings of the Buddy De Franco Quartet/qui
1 x Chanson de Li/Theme Tran
1 x Pfanstiehl P-1433D Replacement Cartridge
1 x Elvis Presley / The Sun Sessiona
1 x Elmer Bernstein - Cast a Giant Shadow/Love Me True
1 x King Creole Original Soundtrack
1 x Ennio Morricone / The Red Tent LP
1 x Pfanstiehl P-169 Replacement Cartridge
1 x Joao Gilberto / Joao Gilberto