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Audio-Technica AT3400 Audio-Technica AT3400 $16.00 Buy Now
Electro-Voice 5528 Cartridge w/ 78 stylus Electro-Voice 5528 Cartridge w/ 78 stylus $27.25 Buy Now
Empire 5603D Replacement cartridge Empire 5603D Replacement cartridge $22.99 Buy Now
Pfanstiehl P-132D Replacement Cartridge Pfanstiehl P-132D Replacement Cartridge $18.25 Buy Now
Pfanstiehl P-1433D Replacement Cartridge Pfanstiehl P-1433D Replacement Cartridge $12.25 Buy Now
Pfanstiehl P-169 Replacement Cartridge Pfanstiehl P-169 Replacement Cartridge $14.95 Buy Now
Pfanstiehl P-185D Replacement Cartridge Pfanstiehl P-185D Replacement Cartridge $22.99 Buy Now
Pfanstiehl P-415D replacement cartridge Pfanstiehl P-415D replacement cartridge $16.25 Buy Now
Pfanstiehl P-420D Replacement Cartridge Pfanstiehl P-420D Replacement Cartridge $14.25 Buy Now
Pfanstiehl P-427D Replacement cartridge Pfanstiehl P-427D Replacement cartridge $24.99 Buy Now
Pfanstiehl P-434D Replacement cartridge Pfanstiehl P-434D Replacement cartridge $24.99 Buy Now
RCA Replacement transcriber cartridge RCA Replacement transcriber cartridge $14.25 Buy Now

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2 x L'Argent De Poche soundtrack
1 x Elmer Bernstein - Cast a Giant Shadow/Love Me True
1 x Vintage View-Master: The Fox and the Hound
1 x Gene West In The Ghetto white label promo
1 x Squares in a square quilted baby bib
1 x Dual DN-4, 23, 34, 43, 45 stylus replacement.
1 x Vintage View-Master: Winnie The Pooh and the Honey Tree
1 x Lalo Schifrin - Foxtail / That Night (La Volpe)
2 x Celebration b/w Overdose, Marius West, ST film Super Markt
1 x Dual DN-95, DN-96 stylus replacement.
1 x Pickering D1570-AM-1, 2; D-AM-2
1 x Tetrad replacement phono stylus Model 11D, 11S, 31D, 31S.
1 x Boston Nashville twofer "yo mtv radio"
1 x Astatic N52, N53-SD Stylus replacement
1 x Chanson de Li/Theme Tran
1 x Audio Technica AT-10
1 x ADC RSX-5, 5E Stylus Replacement.
1 x Astatic N43; N45 Replacement Stylus
1 x Replacement stylus Fisher, Sanyo ST-44D
1 x RCA replacement phono stylus Model 122057.
1 x Astatic N76 stylus replacement
1 x When The Moon Goes Down On Median Lake, I'll Be Going Down On Yo
1 x Chicken Dance quilted baby bib
1 x Grado BCR-S stylus replacement
1 x Pinwheel quilted baby bib
1 x Le Diable Par La Queue soundtrack 45, Georges Delerue
1 x Nine-patch quilted baby bib
1 x ASTATIC N74 Stylus Replacement
1 x Audio Technica ATN-102EP stylus replacement
1 x Boston Nashville by Mike Pellecchia: The CD
1 x General Electric RS-3825, TA-2 Replacement Stylus
1 x Tetrad 52D, 52S, 62D, 62S Stylus Replacement
1 x Garrard stylus replacement GCS-10/7D
1 x Audio-Technica AT3400
1 x BSR ST-8, ST-9, ST-10, ST-11, ST-12, ST-23 Stylus
1 x Electro-Voice 76D; 66; Astatic Stylus replacement
1 x Pioneer PN-12, 110, 110/11, 150 Stylus Replacement
1 x PIONEER replacement phono stylus Model PN-290T.
1 x Garrard GC-8-D. Used in Garrard GC-8
1 x Audio Technica ATS-VM8; ATS-11 Stylus Replacement
1 x Tetrad replacement stylus 13D, 13S, 33D, 33S, T1LD
1 x RCA replacement phono stylus Model 115911 Stylus Replacement
1 x Henry Mancini - Ravel's Bolero
1 x ELAC DNM-100. Replacement Stylus